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Adoption Application

Take your time filling out our application. This is how we get to know you as a pet parent. The pet you are interested in may have many potential adopters, so please fill out the application as best you can. If we believe you have misled us with the information you have provided, you will not be considered for adoption.

We have no hard-set rules regarding who can or cannot adopt. For example, we may require a particular dog have a fenced yard, but not another; or we may not adopt a specific cat to a family with younger children. We know each animal is an individual and these decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Please understand that we are trying to find the best possible home for every pet and the best pet for every adopter. Thanks for your interest!

Please Note: Approval of your application and of your selected pet is not automatic or guaranteed. We may not be able to approve your application on the spot and the pet you are interested in may already be adopted or may not be ready for a new home yet. Please do not expect to leave the same day with your newfound friend.

We highly recommend using a desktop computer with the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers to complete the Online Adoption Application.