Coming events

April 26 — Military Child Appreciation Day
May 17 — Our biggest event of the year: The Garden Party

Month-long Supply Drive

Woodforest National Bank makes it easy to give!


Branch Manager Lauren Hogsed of Woodforest National Bank, located inside Walmart, arranged a supply drive for Anderson Humane Society for the entire month of April A donation box and current copies of the AHS wish list have been placed at the entrance to the Bank. At the top of the wish list are dog/puppy dry food (Pedigree) and cat/kitten dry food (Purina). The Adoption Center needs many other supplies as well, so if you're shopping at Walmart this month please stop by the bank, grab a wish list, and help out (or print this one). If you already have supplies to donate, you may drop them in the box too.

A big thank-you goes out to Lauren, Woodforest National Bank, and all the shoppers who will take time to donate.



Business and Community Expo




The Society once again put on a popular show at the annual Business Expo. Our mascot was there to tell anyone who would listen the many reasons for spaying and neutering our pets.

While Melissa Scott and Donna Nicolette sold home-made pet treats and talked to visitors to the booth about the Humane Society, Jennifer Worley and Paula Thomson encouraged Macy and Lena to display their best sides in hopes of finding a new families.
Robin Thompson
Macy schmoozes with Robin Thompson
 at her booth for
Nature's Haven rehabilitation center.
They cruised the center, checking out the booths and the visiting crowd, getting a lot of welcome love from passers-by, occasionally running into friends who knew them from their pictures on Facebook. At the end of the day, they were exhausted and hungry, but resigning themselves to spending a while longer at the Adoption Center.

But the hard work of volunteers and pets paid off: apart from the good will spread by Lena and Macy, the donations and sales of treats (sold out!) brought $500 to the Society. In fact, the treats were so well liked that they will become a regular feature of our fund-raising.

Thanks to long-time supporters Marie Hellard for major help in assuring our presence there. Many others helped as well.

Sharing a Happy Birthday

Bailey asked for donations to Anderson Humane Society instead of birthday presents, and today delivered the gifts. Happy Birthday Bailey, and thank you!

AHS's New Website Goes Online

The Society Puts on a Different Face

Welcome to our new website. We hope you will find it more useful than ever as a source for information about Anderson Humane Society and our adoptable animals. We're starting with the most essential information, but the site will grow quickly and change, and we hope you'll return from time to time to keep current with new animals, upcoming events, and more information about the Society.

We want to start off with sincere thanks to the young members of our community who have made a huge contribution to the beauty and interest of these pages. On almost every page you will see evidence of the creativity of our local school kids and of their love for animals. Scroll over each artwork for information about the artist. Enjoy their work now, and come back to see new drawings and paintings as they go on display.
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